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Final Analysis Paper

English 1100 Diversity & popular US Literature

Professor Brandon Alva

Spring 5/10/2013 

Final Analysis Paper of The book: Persepolis II

"Persepolis II" was a perfect example of Scott McCloud's theory of "amplification through simplification." from “Understanding Comics," The simpler the image, the more powerful the impact it can have. All of the characters in Persepolis was depicted as simple configurations of line and shape. Satrapi gives each of her main characters a few basic, defining characteristics: Marjane’s Uncle Anoosh has wavy hair and mustache; her father Ebi has a thick black mustache; her grandmother has a thick head of white hair and wrinkles around her eyes; and the adult Marjane is given a small beauty mark. A more realistic drawing has more information to process about the details of the image itself, rather than what it represents, while a simple abstract image, like a smiley face, has very little to process, allowing us to discern the meaning far more quickly and powerfully.

I think the “Persepolis I” was more political than the “Persepolis II”.  It talks more about history and living in war. The book “Persepolis II” focuses more on Marjane’s personal life. It seemed more like her personal memoir, was more about the author growing up. It talked about how her childhood transitioned into adulthood and her problems that she reached during that period of time. It was fascinating to watch her journey through Europe and see who she was and who she was becoming based on where she'd been.

Although she and her family were liberal in Iran, she has trouble adjusting to Western culture, but she was adamant to learn everything she could. She goes back and forth between Iran and Austria, feeling like an outsider no matter where she was. In Austria she was ostracized as a foreigner while in Iran she has lived the freedom of Western culture, having experiences her friends don't understand.

In Vienna, she was an immigrant, sworn at by old men on buses, bereft of family links, ending up sleeping on the streets in the middle of winter. This deals more with how Europeans identify her as "other." Marji always felt like an "outsider" or a "Third-Worlder" as she had a hard time relating sometimes to her white friends. Like she mentioned in the book: “When we're afraid, we lose all sense of analysis and reflection. Our fear paralyzes us. Fear has always been the driving force behind all dictators' repression.” From being a homeless drug addict for a brief time to finding out one her first loves was gay to becoming an aerobics teacher, Marji definitely goes through more things in her short time than most people do in a lifetime. Although she made some terrible choices after she left Iran, but considering she faced life in a foreign country alone, with little support, it is no wonder. In Iran, she was told by the government what she could wear and could not wear, how she was to act, speak, etc.... To be suddenly given so much freedom, Satrapi tried on Persona's and attitudes of the people around her, while trying to find herself.

After breaking up with her boyfriend and living on the street for a few months, she decides to return to Iran, thinking that it will be easy to readjust back into her old life. Naturally, it isn't. She has become accustomed to certain things that are common in Europe, but not so much in Iran. She was now living between two worlds; she is neither fully Iranian, nor was she fully Europeanized.

Coming back, part of what she had to do was come to terms with the war and her identity as an Iranian. She learns to be comfortable with herself and her views, no matter which it separates her from. “Oh my!! How you've grown. Soon you'll be catching the Lord's balls.” This was the first sentence her grandmother said to her when Marjane come back to Iran. She was lucky to have parents and relatives who think the same way she does.

In Tehran she was spoiled by her experience of the outside world, picks fights with the religious authorities, has difficulty fitting back in. As an art student, she has the bizarre experience of trying to draw a fenale model whose body is completely covered; the girls solve this by modelling for each other at home. She successfully challenges the college to change the uniform for female students, and ends up designing it herself.

Finally, at the end of the book, she and her husband embark on a grand project exploring Iranian culture and mythology; but in the end it turns out to be incompatible with the principles of the Islamic Revolution, and their marriage ends, and Marjane leaves for France. She said, “We can only feel sorry for ourselves when our misfortunes are still supportable. Once this limit is crossed, the only way to bear the unbearable is to laugh at it.”, when she is leaving her home country again in the end.

I think there's so much to be said about her journey home. The abstract and concreted concepts of "home" have so much charge over us. I think this book motivates us to consider, as we undoubtedly have many times, what home really is.

This book's journey deals with the dislocation of the immigrant experience, especially within the framework of someone entering the Western world for the first time like myself. The main impact for me, aside from learning about the Iranian Revolution, was after living in Europe for a time, Marjane re-enters Iran and must re-adjust again to her life there, which may happen to me in the near future. The story of Marjane definitely made me think about the culture difference between my home country and United States. Also let me start thinking about my re-adjust from now in the United States back to my country after several years.

In all, I really liked how it gave you a view of Iran from a person who was going through all of it. The sense of humor is really good. It is an interesting view of what life for a refugee from the Islamic revolution.

SLCC HLAC 1610-002 Assignment - Shengbo Zhang (Tony) S#:00683578
Date: March 1st, 2013. Spring
Locate: Snowbird Resort

The ski instructor: Nathan (Nate) Moody

In my opinion, I have had a very good time in the ski class at Snowbird. I will definitely recommend this class to my friend at school and enjoy the snow at Snowbird sometime.

Staring from the first class. We have been told about the safety issues to remember. Because safety is always our first goal. For example, we need always know our limits; watch before we go; let people in front own the way, etc. 

Also, during the practicing in class, we've learned some safety issues about ridding the chair. Like if we dropped something on lifting, just let it go, items could be picked up later. However, I remember two weeks ago, there was a interesting thing happened. My classmate Kathey was answering a phone on chair. Unfortunately, she dropped 20 dollars from her pocket. We all see the money flys down and I told her :"if you drop something, don't worry, items could be pick up later." Then, we quickly found that there is a guy who is snowboarding, shows a beautiful turn and stop. He quickly pickup the money and gone. So sad. Now, we have learned a lessen which is do not drop money when lifting. Otherwise you may never have chance to pick them back. :(

During these ski classes, I have practiced my turns a lot and learned a lot. The difference is, instead laying so much pressure on this foot and switching the body around, we are trying to put forward pressure on our boot, which is going to allow the inside edge of the ski to work by itself and carve the turn, instead of muscle the ski around like before. The reason for using a carving turn is it allows us to turn with more speed, be more fluid, and when we are progressing and skiing on steeper more advanced ski runs, this will make us down more safely. We are not switching our body around anymore, we are actually letting the skis work with their natural shape.

Before the class start, I could only running "blue" runs in the resort. After the semester of this class. I could easily doing better carving turns and I am running "black" runs now. This shows me I can do better after practice. So in the future, I will definitely keep skiing and keep practicing my turns to perfect, so that I could go out teach my Chinese friends how to ski. Or challenge some more mountains. In all, after this class, I am loving ski more than before! Thanks for you all.

 Best regards! 

(Tony) Shengbo Zhang 


March 1st, 2013

Shengbo ZHANG

CIS 1020-070

Fall 2012

Chapter Summary

Chapter 5: Using System Software:

The Operating System, Utility Programs, and File

In the chapter 5, we mainly focus on study how the systems software in
the computer works. I have learned the basic ideas about computer system
software, the different between software which designed by different companies,
and how to use these systems correctly.

Basically, as I understood, the system software in a computer is seems
like the body system for person. Computer need these systems to breathing, heart
pumping, food digesting, and problem if failure. Every time we are using a
computer, we need go through the system software and control the computer in our
purpose. So, understand how to use different systems correctly is very

I have learned how to define the main difference between Mac OS and
Windows 7 operator systems, which are two main similar systems popular in recent
world now. I tried to compare both systems in school, which has both systems in
computers. I found that Mac OS looks more pretty and cool, but Windows 7 let me
feels more comfortable to use.

At last, I have learned the type of different document files in the
computer, and what their extensions stands for. For example, “.rtf” stands for
“Text (Rich Text Format)”, “.accdb” stands for“Database” for Microsoft Access,
etc. After I learned this chapter, I learned several extensions that I have
never remembered before and learned how to use them. So, this chapter is very
useful for me when I trying to using my computers in the future, and I have
learned some very important stuffs.

Five important steps to financial planning process:
1. Evaluate your financial health
2. Define your financial goals
3. Develop a plan of action
4. Implement your plan
5. Review your progress, reevaluate and revise your plan.

Ten principles of personal finance:
1. The best proyection is knowledge
2. Nothing happens without a plan
3. You can earn interest on any money you receive
4. Taxes affect personal finance decisions
5. Stuff happens, or the importance of liquidity
6. Waste not, want not, smart spending matters.
7. Protect yourself against major catastrophes
8. Risk and return go hand in hand.
9. Mind games and your money
10. Just Do It!
Shengbo ZHANG

Business 1050  Paper #2 

May 24th.

Draft 3

The Money Functions

We are living in a mixed economy society. Any companies want to have success in this market, not only need a good design of product,
but also need a good performance in the marketing, accounting, and finance activities. As we have learned from the class, marketing,
accounting, and finance are all money functions that have major impacts to our business development. However, which money function
 has the most important influence to our company's financial success? My answers is finance. Finance is the core to both economy world
 development and a company's success.

Finance is become the core to the world economy, as same as the importance of the Wall Street to our economic society. We have learned
 from the class handout "Foundations of Finance Thought" address that money eventually became a resource to our business and manage
 the cash flows within the company became one of the most important issue to the managers(Class handout, May 22nd)

 As I understand of the finance, it just like the blood of a human. Cash flows is like the blood of a company. There is no company could live
 without the money supply. At the same time, the blood could help a injured people return to life. As same as the effect of the financing or
 stock trading to a company in the recent economy society.

Financing market could help company earn more profit than just selling products. As we all know that most companies in the market now aim
 to have rights to trade their stocks in public, which could help them collected more money as a supply to their recent development. Financing
 will help the company have chance to trade their future expectance from the public. It just like a legal provocative to a runner in the competition,
 which could help the company run faster in the market competition. 

Finance is the money available to spend on business needs. Business needs cash to daily production and finance expansions. As the
 article "Why Businesses Need Finance" states that, 7 reasons for a business where needs finance are: 1. Start a business; 2. Finance
expansions to productions capacity; 3. To develop and market new products; 4. To enter new markets; 5. Take-over or acquisition;
6. Moving to new premises; 7. To pay for the day to day running of business.( We could easily recognise that almost every important steps in the business needs finance to support the development. 

 Finance is important not only for public trading companies, but also for small businesses. The Forbes newspaper has states that "Nine out of
 ten businesses in the United States are defined as small businesses, which represent 50 percent of non-farm GDP and 79 percent of net new
 job growth." The article discussed how important does finance has to impact a small business. The author describes that in the current
economic society, small businesses need more access to capital and greater certainty from government interference with their cash
 flow (PPAHCA and Federal Income Tax Rates). (

Last but not least, as we all know from the 2008 financial crisis, most companies who failed to defend the financial crisis are working very
 well before the 2008. These companies have good products, good marketing strategies, good accounting notes, they failed only because
 they can not handle the financial changes. Money supply and the financing market have too much impacts to these companies. After this
crises, we all should have a more distinct understand to the important of finance control to a business.   

In conclusion, same as the design of the product for company, marketing, accounting, and finance are all very important for a company.
They are all the money functions which have major impacts to a company's development. I believe that all these money functions is like
a part which compose our company. However, in my opinion, finance is the only part that we can not give up. Marketing is like the skin or
 face to human, we could use a better looking face to attract more attentions. Accounting is like the body to human, it helps us to run faster
 and keeps our balance do not fall down. Last but not least, finance which I believe is the most important part for a company. It seems like
the blood of a human. If we loose our beautiful face, we may live but lost some attractions. If we loose a part of the body, we are injured but
 may still alive and create something. However, no one could live without the blood supply. Its same for a company. Even if the company runs
 very well in all aspects, if we stop the money supply to the company, the company will suddenly died. 


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Shengbo ZHANG

Business 1050 Paper #1

May 16th, 2012

Draft 2:

How do you believe business and economic functions should interact with society?

We are living in a mixed economies society today. All business was built on the economic markets in different countries. As for as I am concerned,
 there is no country could call itself real capitalism, socialism, and communism. However, every marketplace has its own economic functions. And
 all businesses in the marketplace should have impacts with these economic functions, and vice versa. In this essay, I would like to talk about how
 trades, unemployment rates, and technology development would interact between each other. 

First of all, trades could help the society produce more than their capital can employ. Adam Smith (1790) mentioned in the article "From an Inquiry
 into The Nature and Causes of The Wealth of Nations", if we give every country a opportunity to working on their advantages, and use trade as
a connection to balance the profit between countries, the general industry of the society may exceed what the capital of the society can employ.
International trade is a popular business today. Also, imports and exports are two important characters in the GDP calculation in the recent
economic theory. I believe that trades between businesses and countries would have a deep impact on our economic society. 

Second, there is a negative relationship between unemployment rate and business markets. Unemployment rate is one of the most important
 economic function data in the economy to define a society. As defined in the Capitalism by Adam Smith that "labor, land, and capital are three
main factors of production in business." The business market has a big impact on the unemployment rate. At the same time, if unemployment
 rate is extremely high in the society, decreasing the income and consumer as a whole. The entire business market will fall down as a following.
So, unemployment rate would be influenced by the business in the marketplace. The whole economy also need a lower rate of unemployment
 to support the development.  

Third, the development of education and technology will push both businesses and economic society moving forward. Starts from people who
 found and learned how to use oil power, our society had stepped into a high developing age. In recent years, computers and internet technology
 keep increasing the changing of people's living style. These technology development was benefit from our modern education system.
It also creates lots new companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, which have huge impact on our economic society. So, the
 development of education and technology not create new businesses, but also have a positive impact to our society as whole.

In conclusion, I believe that business is one of the main activities in our modern economic society. It was built based on the economic system.
 It also changes our society as time goes by. At the same time, our economic society could not develop without the new businesses.
 As I mentioned in this essay, economic functions like trades, unemployment rates, and technology development all have impacts to the
 business markets and have interact with our economic society. 


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